Coolroom Specifications

Welcome All Cool Mobile Cool Room Hire


Welcome All Cool Mobile Cool Room Hire


All of All Cool Mobile Coolroom Hire coolrooms are set to a constant temperature of 1 degree Celcius and are easily plugged into mains power.


We have specifically built our coolrooms to exceed the required standards. Our chiller units are much larger than what is required giving you the confidence that your food and beverages would be kept at the appropriate temperature even with frequent access to the coolroom.


Our coolrooms store approximately 100 cartons of drinks plus our shelving system allows adequate storage for food.Our shelving units provided are made to comply with FoodSafe requirements and are restaurant quality.Stack heavier and large items on the lower shelves and floor and smaller delicate foods on the higher shelves.



Our mobile coolrooms are 2.4m long X 1.6m wide X 2.5m high


The units are WA made and are the Eidis Brand